Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Being away from my little guy for just on 3 weeks was very hard on both of us this time around. This was the first trip that I had done where E actually understood that Mummy was far away and that the distance and time was not going as quickly as he had hoped.

Thank goodness for Skype! We were able to chat once a day for a quick hello and cover what each of us had been up to for the day. This really helped.

Although tough from a Mummy perspective, it was great for Cackleberry Kids. The programme allowed us to meet with some of the most influential Business people and Government representatives in the State of Virginia.

Our programme was well detailed, very full on and had all of the information and assistance required for growth plans and expansion in the US Market.

Our hosts were all fantastic and went out of their way to ensure that we had everything we needed and that we were able to meet with those that would help us make well informed decisions.

Heartfelt thanks to the State of Virginia for their kind hospitality and assistance and we look very forward to working with you and your State.