Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sophisticated Elegance for Children's Fashion

That's right an evolution is on the way for Children's Fashion in Canberra. At Cackleberry Kids and Friends we have been working away at pulling some of the most amazing local and international designers together to create a very special store.

Cackleberry Kids & Friends will be more than just a shopping trip it's going to be an experience like no other in Canberra.

Today we announce another two Fabulous friends who are joining us in store:
The lovely and talented Stickytiki - the most amazing wall decals you've ever seen!
The fantastic and forward thinking Petit - stunning products for little ones!

And we have a few more Friends joining us soon.... so stay tuned....

Over the coming weeks we will be featuring each Designer as part of our "Designer Spotlight" so keep an eye out for those! There are some amazing business women and designers that you will feel inspired by.

A few other little projects are also underway and we are working on some workshops that will change the way you look at summer and colour.... more soon!

Busy Busy getting all this up and running - fun and exciting at the same time.

Details of the opening party will also be confirmed soon, but in the meantime, here is an update picture of Lin's mural - just have to paint in the leaves and trees.

Have a fab day!

The Cackleberry Kids xx

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Power of Colour

I was very fortunate to be invited to go along and sit in on a friends colour workshop last week and I have to say I am in awe of the whole process.

I have worked with colours for so many years and yet I learnt so much during this session that it allowed me to build my skill base but more than that it gave me an different take on how Powerful colour can be and the importance it plays in our daily lives from a whole new perspective.
One of the aspects involves the draping of different coloured fabrics across the body and seeing the instant effect that it has was amazing. Once I knew what to look for, I could see the instant change in my friends face along with the change to her body - the fact that this process takes a holistic approach was fab!!

By the time you work through the process, which takes approximately 4 hours you come away with a renewed confidence, the tools to go out shopping knowing exactly what colours are going to make you POP and feeling that you can take on the world.

I can not wait to have my colours done and I promise to let you know how we go - am interested to see if my fav colours are MY colours?? Should be interesting.

Enjoy your Weekend!

The Cackleberry Kids xx

Monday, May 18, 2009

Food Glorious Food....

I'm sure in a previous life I was a cook or chef! I love everything about food.... buying it, cooking it, eating it.

To give you a little bit of a background, my Dad was an award winning chef in a previous life and so was my Mum until she had me.

Our family owned a restaurant when I was quite young and so I grew up around the wonderful aromas of food and the joy that sharing a meal can bring to others.

I think that this is where my passion for food comes from... Interestingly though when growing up I would do anything to get out of helping cook dinner - it drove my Mum nuts!!!

The funny thing is though that being a mum now myself I love cooking with Ethan and getting him to be involved. He enjoys helping and is an expert now on beating eggs, greasing a pan and will eat anything that he has had hand in helping to prepare.... from Thai Red Curry to Butter Chicken to his all time fav Chicken Pot Pies with Leeks.

Our weeks are so crazy busy, that on the weekends I research new recipes and plan dinners that we can share as a family and the aromas of cooking a wonderful comfort food meal are like no other... you can be transported to another country by experimenting with different cuisines and spices and travel all around the world whilst sitting at your dinning table!

A few of the recipes I've fallen in love at the moment are here for sharing so hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

These recipes have come from The Best in Australia as seen on the LifeStyle channel;

The Cackleberry Kids xx

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cackleberry Kids & Friends

It has been all system go here on the store front and it's all coming together so wonderfully well! Lin is powering along with her murals and has completed our little bundle of Joy - the Cackleberry and has now moved back to the main mural - the Cackleberry Kids & Friends riding through the Jungle in their Jeep!!

The jeep is going to be full colour and will really jump off the wall - I have to say that both Adults and Kids alike love this drawing of the 'Gang' and all comment on it. Can not wait to see it all finished!!

Stock has started to arrive this week from our 'Friends' along with the new curtains! It's getting so close to being ready....

Still in the planning stages for our opening party..... and we will be keeping you posted on when and what's happening on this front.

We are so proud to announce the first of Friends and Welcome them with arms wide open to our Cackleberry Kids family;

Little Pearls for Little Girls
A new phase and journey for all of us is about to begin and we look forward to sharing it with you all.

Love The Cackleberry Kids xx

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Our new Lime Green!

Morning! It's another very chilly morning here in Canberra - hopefully the heat of the sun will kick in very soon.

We have been working on our new linen range amongst other things here at Cackleberry Kids and have just signed off on our new spring/summer design. We only do one design per season to keep things fresh.

The Comforter is still in the design phase and we are hoping to get this finalised in the coming few weeks .... it will however have our wonderful bamboo padding that provides just the right amount of warmth for your little one.

Made from 100% homespun cotton with our wonderful little characters walking in profile as the sun sets behind them..... ahhh off to have sweet dreams

The Cackleberry Kids xx

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Although I am very much a summer person and would trade with absolutely anyone living in a warm, sunny place over a cold and very chilly Canberra - I do love coats, jackets and scarves.

There is just something so welcoming and cosy when you wrap yourself into a beautiful and elegant coat.
I am a huge fan of Rose & Ruby and have just received a sale email from them this morning. They have the most Divine white coat, lined with silk and the most stunning decoration around the bottom of the coat...... Ahhh... if only it would stay white, especially with a little one who has Vegemite fingers most mornings.
Anyway, their gorgeous website is and is worth a look for some absolutely stunning items. The coat I fell in love with is called "High Society".
The Cackleberry Kids xx

Monday, May 4, 2009

Oh the Giggles & Smiles

One sound that just melts my heart every single time I hear it is Ethan's giggles. Or any child's laughter for that matter.

It really doesn't matter what sort of day you are having or had, where you hoped to be in huge list of to-do's or what it was that made you lose that positive edge that you started your day with... that one little sound can just make it all go away in an instant!

We all forget about the amazing power that you get from a simple smile or a giggle once we are all grown up and adults! It makes me wonder sometimes, how we forget?
I know we are all busy doing a thousand things at once but a smile or a giggle can bring everything back into perspective so quickly - well most of the time

Some food for thought:
How do you make yourself smile?
How do you feel when your little one giggles - just because they can?
Do you make others smile?
How do you feel when someone makes you smile or laugh?

Interesting don't you think?

So it got me thinking what can you do for someone to make them smile?

I love flowers and tulips are stunning and in sharing this bunch with you all, I hope it brings a smile to your day

The Cackleberry Kids xx

Friday, May 1, 2009

Hudson's News

We were very excited last week to have received word that we had not only been featured but mentioned by name in the April Edition of Hudson's in the USA.
"Cackleberry Australia" - "One of the top children's clothing lines around the country"

Attached is the link to the magazine - we are on page 3 (their page number states 26) under the Showtime section - The Kids on 6 article.
We are so proud and honoured to have been featured and believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Cackleberry Kids.
Look out world, here we come!
The Cackleberry Kids xx