Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Although I am very much a summer person and would trade with absolutely anyone living in a warm, sunny place over a cold and very chilly Canberra - I do love coats, jackets and scarves.

There is just something so welcoming and cosy when you wrap yourself into a beautiful and elegant coat.
I am a huge fan of Rose & Ruby and have just received a sale email from them this morning. They have the most Divine white coat, lined with silk and the most stunning decoration around the bottom of the coat...... Ahhh... if only it would stay white, especially with a little one who has Vegemite fingers most mornings.
Anyway, their gorgeous website is http://www.roseandruby.com/ and is worth a look for some absolutely stunning items. The coat I fell in love with is called "High Society".
The Cackleberry Kids xx


  1. Yes it is a beautiful coat.
    L :)

  2. It's 30 degrees here today ... ah spring!