Friday, May 1, 2009

Hudson's News

We were very excited last week to have received word that we had not only been featured but mentioned by name in the April Edition of Hudson's in the USA.
"Cackleberry Australia" - "One of the top children's clothing lines around the country"

Attached is the link to the magazine - we are on page 3 (their page number states 26) under the Showtime section - The Kids on 6 article.
We are so proud and honoured to have been featured and believe that this is just the tip of the iceberg for Cackleberry Kids.
Look out world, here we come!
The Cackleberry Kids xx


  1. Good Luck and Good for you!!
    Always great to see someone make it.

  2. This is HUGE!!!!! look out world alright!! congrats!! your clothes are so cool. I tried to link to you last night off my blog but your website was down or I couldn't get on. I'll pop in over the weekend to amend it!
    It was so great talking to you last night, thank you for your kind words, it means such a lot to me. Jacqui

  3. Thanks Jacqui!

    Loved talking to you too - thanks for the link as well. I appreciate your kind words very much.

    Sorry that the site was down. Have checked it now and all seems to be ok. Please let me know if you have any problems. I appreciate you letting me know : )

    Kylie x

  4. Way to go Kylie! Can't wait to see it explode.

  5. That's so awesome!!! I hope there celebratory drinks and a party. We love any excuse for a party!! I'll check out the link tonight... But great work I'm proud of you!!

    xo Steph