Thursday, November 19, 2009

How quickly they grow up

It has been a very emotional week for me as we took the step to enrol E into pre-school.

I had been researching and reading and looking for a pre-school for him and I'll admit that I didn't have all the information I needed in the beginning and found it frustrating and confusing trying to sort our public pre-school that is Govt funded v's private pre-schools that aren't... zones and areas and all manner of obstacles here in Canberra.

I think that at one stage earlier this year, I had given up trying to sort it out but I think it was a little bit of being overwhelmed and more about being sad that my little guy was growing up all too quickly!

Especially when we are in the car and he asks me "Mummy I go to big school soon don't I" oh my goodness..... tears and everything from Mummy!

Sometimes I think that I get so upset because I suffer from the same thing that most working mums do..... GUILT and feel that I've not spent enough time with E and the more I try and fix it the worse it gets!

Realistic or not it's the way it makes you feel.

Through the haze of tears and beating myself up that I was a bad mummy - We did find a great pre-school for E and he starts next year and he is really excited. He can't wait to meet his new friends and is looking forward to doing music and all matter of things.... and that just brings a smile to my face and let's me know that I'm not doing such a bad job after all.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Fairy Bread & Cackleberry Kids

There is just something so adorable in the name Fairy Bread that you just know that you're going to be spoilt by all things sugar and spice when you visit... and you won't be disappointed!

There are the most gorgeous party ideas for your little ones. Not to mention that we are always blown away when we see those stunning cakes and all the effort that is being put into creating the most amazing parties

This month, we have joined forces with the wonderful Fairy Bread to give away one of our new Printed Organic Tees from our KIAMBU Collection. All you have to do to go into the draw is visit the Fairy Bread site and follow the three easy steps and you could win. Yes, it's that easy!!

Fairy Bread has also put together a great Out of Africa themed party... We are in love with the Giraffe cake - it is so cute and really would you want to cut it? We all said we wouldn't!

We also LOVE the Party bag, invitation and thank you card from Plaid Kids Crafts they are also so cute!

My little guy's birthday isn't until March next year... but I'm thinking a cool Out of Africa themed birthday will be something fun to put together for him and all his little Explorer friends... we might even go on Safari with maps and binoculars in search of wild animals.... ummm my thinking cap is on!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Our Sunday Stroll

Today was another glorious day here in Canberra and it looks like the warm weather is here to stay with us for the whole week Yippee!!

We did quite a bit around the house on Saturday so that we could spend the day out and about on today.

So off we went this morning to Manuka park to play on the swings and slippery dip.... it is such a gorgeous park with lots of trees and beautiful grass.

We also noticed that the pool in Manuka had re-opened so E is very excited about that. A very lovely pool that is family focused with lots of green grass for picnics around the toddler pool with shades, trees and a pirate ship in the sand pit... always a winner!!

After much fun at the park, we decided that we would venture down to the lake and go for another walk. It was so lovely!

Even though there it was busy (yes, Canberra can get busy) it was still peaceful and we could all co-exist on the walkways and paths... lots of people out walking their dogs, riding bikes, rollerblading and running.

On the way back to the car there is a little Gelato bar. I have to say that their ice cream and Gelato is fabulous, so we sat down and enjoyed some great flavours whilst watching the boats cruise the lake...... GORGEOUS xx

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Baked Ricotta & our Tuesday off

In Canberra yesterday, it was also a public holiday for Melbourne Cup as well.... although we call it Family & Community Day, but we all know it's for Melbourne Cup!

It was another Gorgeous day here so we decided that we would get up early do some cooking and go on another picnic by the lake.

We made a Baked Ricotta with a chilli, lemon, oregano, red wine vinegar and olive oil (quite a bit!!) dressing, coleslaw, potato salad and all the other bits and pieces you need for a fab picnic! E loves to help when we cook, so he decided that he would pull the oregano leaves off the stems and pop those into the dressing.

The wind picked up toward the later part of the afternoon, so after lunch we packed up and headed home after a walk along the lake and a chat with the swans!

Must admit though, it was hard to get back into work mode this morning!

Enjoy your day xx

Monday, November 2, 2009

Gorgeous Day

On Saturday we got to go outside and enjoy the gorgeous weather here in Canberra!

Mind you we have been waiting patiently (or maybe not) for our summer weather to arrive so we went from 14 to 28 in just a few days,
but without a doubt it was worth it.

We packed up some yummy food and made our way down to the lake.

We decided on a walk along the foreshore to start off and then a spot of lunch overlooking the lake.... It was so lovely! Not too hot in the shade of the trees, some great food and lots of laughing.

After lunch we ventured off in search of ice cream.... and boy did we find some! It was the biggest ice cream cones that I've seen in such a long time. The taste was out of this world...

E selected the Chocolate of course! Daddy had the Mango, while Mummy had the most Divine Passion fruit.

A nice way to finish a wonderful day!