Thursday, September 10, 2009

Meet Mee a Bee and the lovely Jacqui

Mee a Bee - the label

Mee a Bee all that’s cute from Japan bags for little boys and girls
Adorable, whimsical and imagination-sparking Natural cottons and linens Fabulous prints, modern colours & practical designs

All lovingly handmade in Japan. An ever-changing collection ... for boys you might find cars, dinosaurs or pirates while little girls will love pink penguins, polka dots or ladybirds.

Mee a Bee bags spark conversation, encourage learning and imagination.You won't find mass-produced commercialised characters

Mee a Bee bags are made in limited quantities or even one of a kind. Would you like to have a special bag designed for your little one?

Who is Mee a Bee? Behind the label

New Zealander Jacqui Miyabayashi has lived in Osaka for the past thirteen years. She is the designer, seamstress and tea lady at Mee a Bee.

Jacqui studied business management and marketing at the University of Waikato before setting off on her big overseas adventure.

A few months of work and travel turned into several years. Now with a husband and two children she calls Japan home.Life as a stay-at-home mum was isolating and lonely, the web became her best friend.

Jacqui organised playgroups, book swaps and a parenting website for other expat mums living in her area. Soon she discovered other mothers selling their handmade goods online and had a light bulb moment.

Jacqui had been searching for a business she could run from home while caring for her children.Mee a Bee was born a few months after her second child and gives Jacqui the creative outlet she craves as well as the stimulation and challenge of running a business.Says Jacqui "It's what I always dreamed I would do with my life, I couldn't be happier"
From the moment we were introduced to Mee a Bee, we fell in love with these cool little bags for boys! (and of course the girls!!) When we started talking with Jacqui, we found that her creativity, design, quality and passion for introducing something different to market was aligned with ours - and I do have to say that Jacqui is right - they always start a conversation!!
We are so proud to be working with Mee a Bee and Jacqui - who is truly inspirational!!
The Cackleberry Kids xx