Monday, January 25, 2010

My reward for working my butt off this year and achieving my goals for CBK is to be able to purchase these gorgeous pairs of shoes.
Have photos of these shoes on my Vision Board so that I can see how pretty they look everyday... yes, I am in love with shoes!

So by the end of 2010 I will be the proud owner of a beautiful pair of Christian Louboutin's and a pair of Jimmy Choo's......

I'd best get started then as I have much to do and it's almost February!! xx


  1. We have a board like that. I have the couches I want to buy when we move and the house I'd like (but we'd have to win lotto to afford). The shoes are beautiful, I hope you get them soon. x

  2. gorgeous taste in shoes! good luck! can't wait to see them on! xx

  3. Thanks Bec & Kellie - I love shoes and they would just be the bomb!!!

    K xx