Thursday, July 8, 2010

Dropping by for a visit!

Since 2007, the Cackleberry Kids have been working hard on getting their books ready for you and the first in the series is not too far away now!
The second and third books in the series are also underway!
Gee and Bear have stopped by for a visit, with Woof Doggie, Cheeky Monkey and Bubba Louie next to pop in.
Fun facts about the Cackleberry Kids ... Did you know?
  • Each of the Cackleberry Kids were born in the year 2006 they celebrate and share their birthday with someone special or on a very important date that has special meaning to our family.
  • Each of the Cackleberry Kids has a little bit of E in them ... from their smiles to their names to their personalities, they all have a special part of our little munchkin in them!

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