Friday, December 10, 2010

The First Emperor

Even at this young age, E shares a fascination of history with me... and I have to say that I love it!!

He is interested in where things come from, how old they are, why they look like they do and who invented it or built it.

We spend a fair bit of time talking about all manner of things from pyramids, to how engines work & how they were invented along with new discoveries that he is making .... like an old fashioned manual typewriter that he thinks is very amusing ...

The current exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW - The First Emperor  is something that he is really interested in at the moment.  We have watched a few specials on the exhibition and I've found that E is just so intrigued by the whole story... he asks about visiting the Gallery almost daily.

His fascination lies with how real they look and who spent all that time making such detailed, life like people to put in the ground like that.

I have to say that I love his interest, love the way he wants to explore the 'why and how' they got to be there and his overall love of the story.

Something we might be able to explore further over the School holidays!

For more information on the Exhibition at the Art Gallery NSW, please visit:

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