Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Working on....

Lots or researching taking place for the new book covering all manner of things.  However, the best thing so far is working on bits of it with E.  It  has been so interesting listening to his take on our planet; trees, water and looking after each other in a better way.

I love the fact that even at 4.5yrs old, he has an understanding of the harm and damage that can and is being done to the planet and how aware he is of things going on around him.  Not in a 'doom and gloom' kinda way, he is more about understanding and compassion for the things around him.

It has been such a priceless experience for me as his Mummy and also from a writing perspective... the book has taken a new turn and a very different path from where we started.

I hope to really capture E's essence in the story and bring about an adventure to remember.

Feel it's just the beginning of our collaborations ... which I kinda love!

Images:  Eco Friendly text & Bamboo  Photographer:  amieco

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