Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Three Little Trees - Kate & Jacqui

Every child is unique and beautiful in many different ways. Kate and Jacqui design bold stunning styles to reflect and enhance the beauty of all children in this world.
We began this journey because we believed that we could bring something new and unique to fashion for children and babies. If you have ever heard the saying "We do not own the Earth, we merely borrow it from our children" you will understand what Three Little Trees is all about.
With every garment there are native seeds according to the country the garments are sold in attached to each swing tag. The idea here is that children from all over the earth; while looking stylish, can plant these little seeds and watch our world grow with them.
This tiny little thing that we can teach our children to do will sustain our earth for their children and grandchildren for many years to come. Educating our children on sustainability is of great importance to the ethos of Three Little Trees.
This winter we have collaborated with talented UK illustrator Sandra Isaksson of ISAK. Which has brought a whole new creative angle to our designs. We love the illustrations Sandra has created and hope that she stays on board for the long run!
All three of us are mums and we know what is practical and what works in the daily activities of little ones. We have gone to a great deal of effort to create sensible stylish ranges, and we hope you all enjoy them as much as we have in designing them.
We at Cackleberry Kids have fallen in love with the stunning collection from Three Little Trees and believe that the story behind the label is just as important as the clothing. Teaching our children better ways to look after the planet and working with them is so very important and something that is also close to our hearts.
The Cackleberry Kids xx


  1. I love Three Little Trees ! ... these girls are seriously talented xox

  2. Makes me wish I had girls! Darling clothes!!