Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Feel Good Feedback!

We are so pleased with the positive feedback received from our Opening and the Workshops that we thought we would share some of the comments we received with you:

"It was a great colour and style workshop last week, thanks to all involved! Your shop has a great range of designer kid's clothes and is well set up too, I'll tell people about it.At the Canberra Centre, armed with all the tips learnt, I found a new bra at Lin and Barrett. Target was having a sale, and I found a charcoal grey coat there that's a perfect neutral background (and not black!) for showing off my felted scarves and wraps. I spent the next day with my mother, and found her a warm brown knee-length wool coat and picked out a great brown/ white/ black reversible scarf to go with it -- she looks fantastic and is very happy with it.So thanks again for a fun workshop." Anne

"Thanks for putting on a fantastic evening Kylie.
I honestly had a ball and loved listening to all the presentations.
I couldn't help but sit there and think about how I really need a makeover!
I spend all this time looking after my clients and let myself go! Well, not too bad I hope but you know what I mean. We don't stop and spend much time on ourselves.
It was so much fun. Congratulations again. Your clothes and your business concept is fantastic."

"I loved it. The store was way more awesome than I had imagined. Looks great and when people come to see you they will see what Cackleberry Kids & Friends have to offer. It’s great!
Last nights get together was a great too. I enjoyed it. Was glad to see that I was on the right track in regards to the right colours for me too...
You have done great, and are definitely on your way to World Domination Congrats! Thanks for having me"

Such a lovely moment shared with wonderful people - thank you again to everyone!
The Cackleberry Kids xx

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