Thursday, October 15, 2009

Learning to accept your Good

I wrote a blog a month or so ago about being able to spend a little time on me and just take a step back... well Learning to spend some time on me and Learning to be accepting of the good things that come our way as business women, wives and mums.....

Not sure that I'm doing as well as I would have liked, however am pleased to report that small steps in a forward direction have taken place and slowly slowly catch the monkey progress has been made.

The interesting thing is that because I wrote about it on our blog, I feel a need to report in and acknowledge the small steps.... accountability?? ummm not sure!

I did receive a lovely email from someone who said that they were so happy when I posted the previous blog because they didn't feel so alone anymore.... so I made a promise to post another blog (when I felt ready) so that we could continue our journey together rather than doing it on our own.

I read a lot about many different aspects of life, love and happiness and have found quite a connection with a few of the authors that I have discovered... I find their books to be rewarding and confronting at the same time. The great thing is that I have made a commitment to learn how to better accept my Good and to accept that I am Deserving of my Good - it's proving to be such a better head space already..... even with one step forward and two steps back!

I'll keep you posted!

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