Monday, October 12, 2009

Please meet Jenny Farrelly!

Jenny Farrelly, an emerging Australian warm glass artist has always been passionate about art and has experimented in many different mediums. “I started working with warm glass and was seduced by the freedom and excitement of creating abstract and contemporary designs through fusing glass.

My passion for the art has increased my desire to experiment and manipulate the glass by adding different metals to produce reactions. This creates great depth and texture, you can see and touch, giving life to the art.

I love colour so being inspired and captivated by nature and our beautiful Australian landscape comes easy.

The thrill I get when I have designed that special gift for a client that takes their ‘breath away’ is what makes this journey in glass the most wonderful, thrilling ride I never want to get off.
My dream is to create unique, desirable glass gifts that takes your breath away and the person you purchase for.
Without a doubt, you can see the passion in each piece of Jenny's work. The intricate details, the different techniques used to bring out the colours are breathtaking.
We are so honoured to have Jenny's gorgeous pieces in our store - they are made with love and rather than just being pieces of jewellery or a bowl, they are stand out pieces of artwork!
Unique, Stylish and Beautiful.
The Cackleberry Kids xx

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