Monday, December 7, 2009

We are on the way to the USA

How excited were we on Friday afternoon when the call came through confirming that our application for the US programme that we had submitted for had been approved ?? ... Really excited!! There we tears, squealing, happy dancing and of course all while having a big cheesy grin for good measure.

This programme has been put together to encourage Australian companies that are either one of the top 300 in country or that are considered fast growth.

We will be part of a 4 day programme visiting the US in March 2010 where we will meet the decision makers in Government and Private enterprises looking to bring growth and development to the state and surrounding region.

Our aim over the course of this visit is to get the ground work in place to set up our US Operations. Not only will be exporting to the US, but we will have a base out of the East Coast ... exciting!!

Our goal over the coming 2 months is to get all our research finalised, appointments scheduled and be ready to meet everyone!

We are extremely proud to have been invited and now so so proud to have been approved to take part.

We can not wait to get things started and have just stepped even closer to our goals for CBK.

Thanks so much to all our gorgeous friends who have shown us support, care and encouragement!
From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to you all xx