Monday, February 8, 2010

A roller coaster week with a full first week of pre-school, swimming and golf lessons and by Saturday one very tired little boy!

We took this photo last week just before E left with Daddy in the morning. Aside from being tired he is having a ball and loves the stimulation he is getting from the other children and their teachers.... it's all about exploring and learning through experiments, visual aids and lots of discussions.

When E gets home in the afternoon he is filled with unbelievable energy and can not wait to share the day's experiences with all of us.

Every night at dinner we share the favourite parts of our day with each other. Each of us has to share our favourite day-day moment (Our day-day is about our family and something we have done together) and then our work day moment. I have loved seeing E's change from 1 or 2 moments to about half a dozen!

I am so happy and relieved that he has settled into his new school and loves it. I've already noticed a change in his problem solving skills and his imagination - well it's definitely kicked up quite a few notches!

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