Tuesday, February 16, 2010

We had such a wonderful weekend and we made Valentine's Day just that little bit extra special.
E thought that Valentine's day was something special just for our family and had planned all these 'really cool' things for us to do on Sunday.
He started by suggesting that we have a 3 course dinner where everyone could pick a dish to cook... well at least help Mummy cook : )

So we had Homemade tomato soup, Veal cooked with sage in a white wine, caper & garlic sauce and Vanilla Cupcakes. E and I cooked the soup together in the morning so that it was ready for dinner that night and then we made Vanilla cupcakes which E decorated with his M&M's - with an extra special one made for Daddy.

Then in the afternoon, E spent sometime drawing pictures for us....

It was such a beautiful day filled with laughter, happiness and lots of hugs!

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