Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cooking Adventures

We have always enjoyed cooking in our house and have spent many a weekend playing around with new and exciting recipes.

Having a little one to cook with brings a whole new type of adventure to the mix!

Our little guy has always played a role in our cooking adventures and from quite a young age he has always had some sort of little job, whether it be the cracking of the eggs, whisking, tasting ~ oh yes he LOVES to be the taste tester!! and his other favourite, putting the choc chips on the cookie batter ..... one for the cookie two for me sort of thing.

The part I love most is having everyone in the kitchen together talking, laughing, making a big mess and then being able to sit down to a meal that we have made as a family

For me its such a nice time to just 'be' nothing else matters but how much milk we need or how long do we need to simmer the sauce for .....

E had taken to MasterChef .... yes and so have we .... and we have started making the pressure test dishes. It has been so much fun! It's the first time I've ever made a Pavlova and let me just say - I was so proud that it worked, much happy dancing was had

Although our next pressure test challenge is a Black Forest Cake - which I might add E is very excited about making..... ahhh Mummy on the hand is a little concerned as I've not made a cake like that before.

So we will see how we go this weekend, and we'll share our trials and hopefully a photo of a very beautiful looking Black Forest Cake ... til then xx

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  1. Hehe E sounds like my kinda guy regarding the one choc chip for the cookies and 2 for me LOL. Our kids love master chef too and also love to get into the kitchen and help out. Im the one who needs a little bit more of a push but im getting better.
    Can't wait to hear how the black forest cake turns out. It looked very yummy on TV! Don't for get to have a slice for me and my baby bunny.
    Fee x