Monday, May 17, 2010

Cooking Beetroot from scratch

So we cooked up our first batch of fresh beetroot on Sunday morning and we decided to do have boiled with Castor sugar & white wine vinegar and then the remaining half baked....
I had always thought that cooking beetroot from scratch was a very labour intensive and time consuming process. However, I found out that it was really very simple and not at all scary - simple, easy and no trouble at all was the family consensus!

We then reduced the liquid for the boiled beets once cooked and used that to keep them in until it was time to attempt the Beetroot & caramelised onion tart with rocket & Buffalo cheese..... I will say that our kitchen smelt very good with the boiling underway and the baking in the oven.

Two different aromas that worked so well together!
The next step was cleaning off the outside skin, which you do need gloves for - can be a little messy and leaves a nice purple colouring on your skin ...... I used little freezer bags as I did not have any gloves. The skin came away so easily, again nice and simple.

Our end result for dinner on Sunday night! Was very pleased with how it all turned out and E loved seeing the process come together from fresh produce to eating ~ so so much better than the tin stuff! xx

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