Monday, November 15, 2010

and a Camel named Enie ....

Working on my new book, I am spending quite a bit of time talking about it with my little guy.  He has an amazing perspective on things and I love hearing his thoughts on the different countries, places and animals we are going to meet through the book.

It's quite interesting to listen to him tell other people about how he is an author and that he and his mummy are writing their new book at the moment - priceless!

E is helping me name the animals and I am loving the way that he is taking so much time to think about the animal, where it comes from and who he knows and loves so that he can try and name an animal after them .

Enie is the nickname my brother and I called my dad for years whilst growing up ... it is a take on his name and something we would call him when we were all mucking around and having fun.... although we are 'all grown-up' now, we still to this day call my dad that when we all get together ....  E loves this name and thinks it's very funny and cool when we say it... and so now we have a Camel named Enie from Egypt in our new book!

We also have a Koala named Ava after one of his friends, a Monarch Butterfly called Molly and a snail named Stanley....

Loving beyond words the joy that comes from working on this new book with my little guy, not to mention how chuffed my dad was when we told him on the weekend xx

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