Friday, November 5, 2010

Today's inspirational photos .... new collection

Have been so busy working away designing ... and have almost completed a new collection for our client in the USA....  just playing around with names at the moment while I continue to tinker with the prints for the tees and the final final fabric selections!

I am loving the reds in these photos and have been quite drawn to them for this particular collection... not normally a colour that I would go towards, so it has been an interesting process as I am usually "always" pulled in the direction of greens... it's nice to be working with strong, vibrant colours! 

This photo I find quite amazing... the water coming down the face of the rocks, the red just jumping right out at you, however it's still soft ... cascading.... flowing nature.

Images:  Child's Shadow, South Aftrica Photographer: Chris Jones
              Iron Rich Creek Photographer: Michael Melford
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