Monday, November 29, 2010

and a Snail named Stanley

E found a snail in our garden some time ago and wanted to keep it as a pet... he gave him a name... Stanley ..... "Mummy, please meet Stanley, he is my new friend and he is going to come and stay with us as part of our family"

So off he went with Stanley to make a house....  with carpet to keep Stanley warm and cosy "All houses have some carpet Mummy"

Some grass out the back for Stanley to play in when he goes out to get some fresh air and instead of a paved area... he gave Stanley a tissue with some toys on it for him to play with just in case he was feeling a little bored.... all the comforts of home for our new family member Stanley!

Of course the next morning Stanley had moved on.  E handled it quite well - He told me "Mummy, it's ok Stanley is a wild animal and you really can't keep him in a house, he needs to free"  .... "I will keep his house here for him, so he has somewhere to stay when he comes to visit"    .... my little guy has such a gorgeous soul!

In honour of Stanley's time with us .... he is going to be in our new book.... we'd love to introduce you to Stanley!

Enjoy your day xx

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