Friday, June 12, 2009

It's a Trifle Exciting!!

The world is changing so fast these days that to stay competitive and to stay front of mind you need to change the way in which you think.

At Cackleberry Kids, we always try and think way outside the square. Most importantly for us, we are on the look out for new ways that will allow us to do business better, learn as much as we can, carry out a research on new trends and to look at different opportunities that may present themselves.

I've found over the years that by taking hold of an opportunity can lead you on some exciting adventures and really push you in a new direction. Most opportunities have been great for us and while I'm happy to admit some.... not so good - they did allow us to learn from our mistakes.

We at Cackleberry Kids are starting on a another new adventure and we are so so proud to be a part of Trifle.

Trifle, is an online shopping experience for the consumer like no other anywhere in the world. Customers can shop from a choice of over 50 hand picked designers – all in the one place. Better still customers can buy from different designers, from different parts of the world, in different currencies with one click.Trifle is made up of over 50 designers from various sectors of the kids products industry. The store is made up of high end, well established designers, niche companies, handmade artists and one or two start up companies who we believe in.

To find out more about Trifle, please visit the Trifle Notebook at and meet some amazing Designers and wonderfully talented people!

Who knows where this adventure may take us..... but the possibilities are endless and for us that's exciting!

The Cackleberry Kids xx

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