Sunday, August 16, 2009

A celebration for Trifle

Yesterday my boys; my Husband Lawrence and my Little Man Ethan decided that we would spend the day celebrating the launch of the Trifle Shoppe.

It was such a lovely day here in Canberra where you didn't have to wear layer upon layer of clothing, so off we went to one of our favourite little cafes; Idelic Cafe in the suburb of Kingston, for Brunch.

As always the food was exceptional and we were spoilt by the lovely Angela and Bobby who own and run Idelic - thanks guys!!

Lots of eggs, pancakes, hot chocolates and coffees with some of Ange's fabulous chocolate cupcakes thrown in... we were so full by the time we left.

Off to the park we went to run off some of that food.... and all that energy! then onto a very lazy afternoon at home - it was so nice not to have to do the washing or tidying up for just one day - felt so good : )

Then onto dinner - yummy Thai red curry with a beautiful bottle of red that Lawrence decanted that he had kept for a special occasion, so we thought in honour of Trifle, why not!! E of course had his Apple and Pear Juice.

A huge Thank you and hugs to my boys for a wonderful, relaxing day in the warm in celebration of Trifle's launch on Friday xx