Monday, August 3, 2009

Our Friend StickyTiki and Kim

The StickyTiki range of wall graphics are designed by Kim Hands and turned into a reality by her partner Simon Lindegren. Kim and Si live and work with their three children Zavia, Jasper and Kahlo near the sea in beautiful Ahuriri Napier New Zealand. All of their products are designed and made at StickyTiki's HQ. Their children and their surrounding are a constant inspiration for Kim's designs.

When her children were little Kim painted murals on their walls but had to fit this in between her own art commitments and being a busy Mum, so started to think ' if this is difficult for me and I am an hard must it be for others'? Plus children grow their tastes change, rooms and homes change, 'wouldn't it be great if you could put up a mural that could move house with you or be handed down to a younger sibling, cousins, friends'! Kim also wanted to expand her children's minds and get away from the images they are constantly bombarded with on TV and make their space beautiful, cool, quirky, a little fantasy and uniquly original!

StickyTiki invites nature inside, to teach children about their surroundings with a little magic thrown in and of course images that will visually stimulate their little minds! So StickyTiki was born and Kim and Simon sourced only the best products to work with making their fabric wall graphics truly original and thoughtfully designed pieces of art.

Kim's background is a Degree in Visual and Fine Art with 10yrs as a practicing full time artist. Her medium is painting and own work is dreamlike and fantastical which makes a perfect grounding for working on children's images.

It is Kim's desire to produce beautiful timeless pieces that both children and adults love and to make sure StickyTiki is always innovative, original and nice to the environment.
We met the fabulous Kim through the Skout Trade Fair network and fell in love with her Wall Art and her! The wonderful and talented StickyTiki team - Kim and Simon, create the most realistic and colourful wall graphics that we have ever seen... They whisk you away to other places and capture a place in your heart when you see the look of shear joy on your Child's face as you put the wall art into their rooms!!

We are honoured to be working with such amazing talent and with out question the loveliest of people!
The Cackleberry Kids xx

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