Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our Project Runway Adventure

WOW!!! what a night! Full of glamour, fashion, too much tanning and lots of beautiful people swanning around the room.

Thankfully it was a lovely sunny and dry day in Melbourne when Stella (Managing Director of Little Miss Stella PR) and I ventured off on our little adventure.. waiting outside in the wind.... watching the beautiful people pass us by - well we were a little excited!!

Whilst waiting for the doors to open, we met the Stunning - and she is truly Stunning, Julie the winner from Project Runway Season 1. She was so friendly and chatted to Stella and I for a few minutes like we were old friends. Such a lovely person and of course she looked Divine!

Walking into the venue for the Project Runway Catwalk show and seeing the actual runway - the centre piece of the room really was show stopping even before the show had started, and YES it is as white and stark as it looks on TV.

Once settled into our seats we eagerly awaited the show to begin. The charming Henry was our MC for the evening and was fabulous in sharing little stories from the show about the various challenges and the Designers.

The show, and I promise that I won't share any of the details as I don't want to spoil it for anyone else, was fantastic - the minute the first model walked onto the runway you could feel everyone in the room take a collective sigh..... so amazing!
Due to the taping of the show we watched each Designer's collection twice - which I found very great as you miss so much on the first walk.

Then Stella and I were off to the after party! Woo hoo we had a lovely time : ))
We met some great people and had a lovely little chat with Mark, who we saw at the GPO the next morning, he is such a sweetie and very very kind! Had a photo with the 'tiny' Lauren - she is so tiny, even in her 12inch heels!!!!
And before we turned into pumpkins, Stella and I made our way home with our little goodie bags and wonderful memories.
I had such a wonderful time and really enjoyed sharing the experience with the very glamorous Miss Stella! xx


  1. oh, what a treat, sounds like you had a fabulous time kylie! xx

  2. Wow how exciting sounds like you guys had lots of fun!