Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sharing the SMILES

CONGRATULATIONS to Trish for sharing this lovely lovely story with us on our blog. Trish's name was pulled out of a hat this evening and is the winner of our Make Someone SMILE gift. One of our fabulous Cackleberry Kids Bucket Hats and Sunset Tees is on the way to Trish!

Here is Trish's story:

It wasn't me alone.I had a idea and I asked a few bloggy friends to send stickers or small things to a little girl (whose mum is blogger and friend) who was expected to be in hospital for over a week , and a cheery note to her mum.

They were in an isolation room too so very bored. Another blogger I asked, asked a few more people and in turn a whole hoard of us sent parcels to the hospital. Some sent things like extra magazines for her mum and craft items and glittery bits and bobs.It was a surprise for them both.

I know it was much appreciated.

I was amazed myself at how many people wanted to join in. That alone made me smile.I would love to do it again and send random parcels to a children's hospital for the nurses to chose a child who needs an extra smile. I will ...

Thank you so much to everyone who participated here on our blog, on our Face book Fan Page and on twitter! Such a wonderful experience sharing a SMILE and loved reading all of your posts!



  1. There is a sense of promise in the air...filled with generosity, love & kindness. Thanks for sharing this!


  2. Definitely a most deserving winner - well done Trish! x