Thursday, August 13, 2009

Make Someone Smile

Being nice to someone and bringing a smile to their face is such an enriching experience and really it costs us nothing to be kind!

So this coming week visit our blog and post comment telling us what you did to make someone smile and you could be the winner of a fabulous Cackleberry Kids gift - something from us to make you smile!!

So Little or small it doesn't matter, everything makes a difference!

The winner will be announced on the 24th of August

Go on and do something nice for someone today xx


  1. It wasn't me alone.I had a idea and I asked a few bloggy friends to send stickers or small things to a little girl (whose mum is blogger and friend) who was expected to be in hospital for over a week , and a cheery note to her mum.

    They were in an isolation room too so very bored.
    Another blogger I asked, asked a few more people and in turn a whole hoard of us sent parcels to the hospital. Some sent things like extra magazines for her mum and craft items and glittery bits and bobs.

    It was a surprise for them both.I know it was much appreciated.

    I was amazed myself at how many people wanted to join in. That alone made me smile.

    I would love to do it again and send random parcels to a children's hospital for the nurses to chose a child who needs an extra smile. I will ...

  2. You are such a wonderful person, as are your friends... I had goose bumps reading your post.

    Thank you for sharing xx

  3. I made a random stranger smile today when I tripped up and landed (excuse the expression!) 'arse over tit' on the pavement in front of her!!! It was one of those occasions where it was actually quite sore but I was so embarrassed I had to pretend it wasn't.... CRINGE! But at least it made the other woman smile!!! xxx Jenny

  4. We had fish and chips at the beach for dinner on Saturday night and just before it was time to go home the kids asked if they could play a game of Red Rover. Instead of leaving them to it I made all the grown ups join in too, the whole family - even the grandparents - running on the sand in the moonlight it was so much fun, once they started playing they loved it and of course everyone was smiling. Good old fashioned family fun : )

  5. Hi Kylie,
    This may not fit exactly with what you are getting at but it made me laugh out loud today. As you know I deal with community organisations in my business. This afternoon I asked if the parent body if they were ready for me to submit a proposal, to which they replied "no, and it will be a while". One of the other guys came back to me and said "it is a bit like the mating of elephants - done at a high level, much pushing and grunting, takes a long while to produce results, but at the end of the day, worthwhile!"
    That turned what could have been a disappointing response into a good belly laugh for me!

  6. Made me laugh too : )) thanks for sharing Nerida!