Monday, August 31, 2009

Love to Dance & Draw

Although it was still very very chilly yesterday we are excited that Spring is on the way this week and we just love being outside.

On Sunday we had some sun mixed in with our windy conditions and Ethan was playing outside.... so cute watching him play his games, chat to our dog Forrest and go off on adventures.

Without him seeing me, I snuck outside to take a few photos - he was dancing away without a care in world singing and laughing....Then after taking a break from all the hectic playing, he took his sketch pad outside and sat down our deck to do some drawing.

He took his time to look around and consider what he would draw... deciding on our Olive Tree - who we call Serge.

I have to say that I was very impressed with his fantastic artwork, so we took a photo of the drawing and a very proud artist!
I love seeing Ethan use his imagination and explore different creative areas.

The Cackleberry Kids xx

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